At this early stage of women of talent, the women have shown me that I should not underestimate them even though they didn’t go to school. Their zeal to learn strengthened me and their co-operation  gave me courage. Out of heartfelt gratitude to God, They decided to do thanksgiving on the 27th of Dec. 2017 and to invite their families and friends to rejoice with them



From a family of twelve. five boys and five girls excluding my parents. My Mum who is a great woman and who taught me how to reach out to people died year 2016. I am the fourth born and the fifth child. It gives me joy to render help to people and to share my knowledge with them. The womenoftalent started when I was posted to a remote village in the Northern part of Nigeria. This village was more of farmers and the women and children suffers most being that most of them are illiterates. I decided to reach out to these families through their women by helping them to be masters of their destiny.

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