It was really emotional for me leaving Papiri to go to Bauchi on transfer.  All the same I thank God for everything He has used me to accomplish in Papiri.  It was also clear to me that wherever i am I have to leave a legacy . It does not matter how long but how well you live in that place. What of you? hoping you are leaving a legacy that people will be proud of. it will help you to attain inner peace and happiness and you will be fulfill.

From a family of twelve. five boys and five girls excluding my parents. My Mum who is a great woman and who taught me how to reach out to people died year 2016. I am the fourth born and the fifth child. It gives me joy to render help to people and to share my knowledge with them. The womenoftalent started when I was posted to a remote village in the Northern part of Nigeria. This village was more of farmers and the women and children suffers most being that most of them are illiterates. I decided to reach out to these families through their women by helping them to be masters of their destiny.

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