Someone asked me: CJ , why do you want to open a blog?

I looked at the person for a long time without knowing the right expression or words to use to express myself. So many ideas and thoughts were in my mind that I was stricken deaf and dumb with them. That is, I was overwhelmed with so many Ideas That I couldn’t even mention one.

I started this blog because I want people to know and love themselves, their families, communities, countries and the world as a whole by appreciating the gifts of talents and nature around us which God has given to us and using to create and build up and not to destroy each other with it.

Wherever you are and in whatever situation you find yourself, don’t allow it to overwhelm you, don’t give up yet because God has not given up on you yet. Don’t wait for tomorrow start now to take charge of your life and destiny. This is because God created and made you for it. Am I making any sense?